Past Events

Dr. Mandelli: "Digital dentistry which opportunities does digital dentistry offer?" and "Soft tissues management, how to improve implant aesthetic", Quingdao and Haerbin

December 2018

Prof Lops: "Esthetic area treatment with implants", jinan, Whuan, Nanning, Guangzhou

November 2018

Dr. Soldini: "How to achieve success in implantology", Ürümqi, Harbin, Taiyuan and Shangai

August 2018

Dr. Soldini: "High long term implant survival and success rate", Xingyi

July 2018

Dr. Gobbato: "Key factors for implant esthetic restoration", Padova

May 2018

Dr. Soldini: "Clinical Training", Vicenza

May 2018

Dr. Soldini: "Socket preservation technique", Fujian People's Hospital

April 2018

Dr. Soldini: "Implant basic course", Ganzhou

April 2018

Prof. Lops:"Lectures in China", Peking, Guangzhou, Shangai

December 2017

Dr. Ghensi and Dr. Casiraghi: “Aesthetic implantology in the frontal area”, Fuzhou and Haikou

July 2017

Dr. Ghensi:“Biology Concepts as Implant Treatment’s Key Success”, Shenyang

March 2016

Dr. Soldini: "Hands-on basic implant course", Beijing

March 2012

Dr. Soldini: "Clinical training", Beijing

May 2010

Dr. Botticelli & Dr. Soldini:"Implant technology speech from Europe", Bejing

September 2009